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Organic SEO company

Organic SEO and Website Design

SpottyDog’s new website will be launched soon…

We are really good at SEO (search engine optimisation), website design and lots of other things which we’ll tell you about later.

We’ll build a new website (or tweak the one you’ve got) and get people clicking on you.

After that we’d love to keep working with you on your SEO techniques.  We are primarily an organic SEO company but will also run paid campaigns for you.

We are based in Shaldon, Devon.

(We’ve been so busy working with other people, we haven’t had chance to finish our own website!)

Here are four of our recent works…

[spot-ee dawg]

“Descriptive of that which is excellent.  A synonym for good, super, wicked, fantastic, brilliant and  so on”

 Urban dictionary

While we work on our site (and other people's) please do contact us

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